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What Alumni of the Affiliate Program Launch Course say

"Such an amazing learning opportunity. Rosanna’s vast experience in running affiliate marketing programs is reflected in every aspect of this course. She’s always quick to offer sound advice and practical support. After taking the course I feel absolutely confident that I can setup and run my own affiliate program right away."

Daniela Nataletu - Founder of Dandelion

"I've been wanting to start an affiliate program for many years but been postponing it because I fear it would be very complicated to manage. Finally thanks to Rosanna we finally made it happen and setting everything up was so easy thanks to her amazing help. The value she provided in the course was incredible and she provided all the necessary resources and tools we needed. Even better - the money we invested into the course has paid out after one week already! If you are thinking to grow your business with affiliate marketing this is the course you want to take and you will not regret it!"

Johannes Voelkner - Founder of NomadBase and Nomadcruise

"Rosanna was very helpful during the course and even after. She really took the time to explain the whole process of setting an affiliate program and made it as simple as possible for us to be able to do it ourselves. I'll defo go back to the material to improve the affiliate program for my companies! Highly recommend if you want to do it yourself!"

Chiraz Bensemmane - Founder of pitchworldfast

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