Do you want Affiliates, Partners and Influencers to promote your products and services? 

Launch Your Affiliate Program and Transform Your Business

Tap into existing audiences effortlessly, boost revenue, and create a tribe of marketers promoting your Products or Services to audiences that match your ideal customer. With comprehensive step-by-step guidance of a seasoned expert and the support of a small, virtual group, you'll discover how to set up your program for success and scale it for maximum impact.

And the best part? You can do it all  without the need to hire an expensive agency or consultant. An amazing group of Entrepreneurs, Marketing Managers and Assistants is currently learning how to Launch, run and Scale their Affiliate Program. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when the next Cohort starts

Create an Effective Affiliate Program that Affiliates are excited to promote

Launch your program in 6 weeks and learn how you can scale it

Achieve Faster Growth Without the Price Tag Of hiring an expert

What Alumni of the Affiliate Program Launch Course say

Johannes Voelkner


"I've been wanting to start an affiliate program for many years but been postponing it because I fear it would be very complicated to manage. Finally thanks to Rosanna we finally made it happen and setting everything up was so easy thanks to her amazing help. The value she provided in the course was incredible and she provided all the necessary resources and tools we needed. Even better - the money we invested into the course has paid out after one week already! If you are thinking to grow your business with affiliate marketing this is the course you want to take and you will not regret it!"

Daniela Nataletu

"Such an amazing learning opportunity. Rosanna’s vast experience in running affiliate marketing programs is reflected in every aspect of this course. She’s always quick to offer sound advice and practical support. After taking the course I feel absolutely confident that I can setup and run my own affiliate program right away."

Chiraz Bensemmane


"Rosanna was very helpful during the course and even after. She really took the time to explain the whole process of setting an affiliate program and made it as simple as possible for us to be able to do it ourselves. I'll defo go back to the material to improve the affiliate program for my companies! Highly recommend if you want to do it yourself!"

Dorottya Horváth

Virtual Assistant of

"Thank you, Rosanna, for your all your support and invaluable knowledge throughout the course! Your consistent willingness to help whenever needed were truly appreciated. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone looking to dive into affiliate marketing. Rosanna not only provided comprehensive guidance but also offered practical support every step of the way. Thanks to her efforts, navigating the intricacies of the affiliate program became achievable and crystal clear. Much gratitude for your dedication, Rosanna!"

Atara Malach

"Discovering the world of affiliate marketing with Rosanna was an immersive, and enriching experience. She was accessible, responsive, generous with her vast experience, and gave generously of her knowledge so that we could all succeed. Highly recommended!"

David Lamka


"Great content, great mentor in Rosanna, and great new path of growth."

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How does it work

Welcome to the course that was born out of a mission to help small and medium-sized businesses thrive. I've worked with countless businesses over the past 14 years, and realized that not everyone could afford my services. That's why I designed this course – to make success accessible to all.

With my extensive experience in affiliate marketing, I discovered invaluable systems, tricks, and strategies for working faster and attracting top-quality affiliates. I've made all the mistakes so you don't have to. Unlike any affiliate network, I'm here to share these insider secrets with you.

The course spans over 6 weeks, carefully crafted to equip you with everything you need to set up, run, and scale a successful affiliate program. Each week, we'll have a dedicated group call where I'll guide you step by step, ensuring you grasp the concepts and give you plenty of time to implement what you've learned. We actually launch your Affiliate Program in week 5 and I then continue to guide you one more week so you know how to run the Affiliate Program and scale it.

If you can spare a minimum of 5 hours a week, you're the perfect fit for this course. I'm here to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to make your affiliate program a resounding success. Don't miss this opportunity – invest in your business growth today!


The group course gives you the Support and Accountability to make consistent progress over the course of 6 weeks. If you've been thinking of launching your Affiliate Program but other things seem to keep getting in the way, this is the perfect course for you to show up every week together with your peers.

Time and cost efficiency

No need to spend months trying to figure out affiliate marketing on your own or hire expensive consultants. This online group course condenses the essential knowledge and expertise into a 6-week program that only requires 5 hours of your time each week (including the call). 

Comprehensive and Actionable Strategies

The course offers a comprehensive approach to launching and scaling your affiliate program. I provide you with proven strategies and step-by-step guidance, ensuring that you have the knowledge and tools to take immediate action and see tangible results. Not only that - I make it fun while you're doing it too.

Not sure if your Business is ready or suitable for an Affiliate Program?

Get the honest answer by taking the Quiz - it takes less than 1 minute to find out!

I'm your Guide - Rosanna Lopes

I understand the challenges you face. I've been launching and running affiliate programs for big brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Vistaprint as well as for Small and Medium Sized businesses worldwide since 2009. My mission is to bring success within reach of all businesses, not just the big players. The Affiliate Program Launch Group Course is my way of sharing my expertise with you.

Learn more about my experience on

What others think of me as an Affiliate Marketing Expert

"Rosanna has been running the affiliate program for Thrive Themes for quite some time now and has been doing a tremendous job at engaging with our existing affiliates and recruiting new partners. Before working with her, we had 3 different people trying to run to program at no avail. It takes a special type of person to be an affiliate manager and Rosanna is that type of person!"

Hanne Vervaeck  - COO at Thrive Themes

"After over 10 years of working in the affiliate marketing space, I can confidently say that Rosanna is one of the best Affiliate Program Managers around."

Adam Connell - Blogging Wizard

"Rosanna helped our digital marketing team with setting up and growing the affiliate marketing channels for our e-commerce business. She did a great job, was communicative and efficient during the project. She's knowledgeable in her field of expertise, at the same time being a genuinely friendly and helpful person. We would greatly recommend her for any digital marketing work!"

Marcin Hordyniec - Talent Acquisition Manager at Mahabis

Who is this Affiliate Program Launch Group Course for?

With this comprehensive Online Group course, you'll gain the knowledge and tools to successfully launch a successful affiliate program, without the hefty cost of consultants or the frustration of figuring it all out on your own. And the learnings don't stop at just setting your Affiliate Program up - I'll teach you how I learned to grow and scale it in the fastest way possible, with high quality Affiliates.

My primary objective is to fuel your business growth by guiding you step by step, and helping you generate a remarkable 25% or more of your total revenue.

You'll receive most value from this course when your website is live, it's all set up so that customers can already buy your products or services through a checkout, and you're ready to actually launch your Affiliate Program and follow the weekly steps towards setting it up, launching it and growing it. 

Small Business owners

As a small business owner, you're constantly juggling multiple responsibilities to grow and run your business, all within the limitations of time and budget. 

The online group course is designed in a way to give you enough time to implement the Steps, strategies and tactics covered in the course. Overcome your challenges and unlock the full potential of your business. Join now and launch your successful Affiliate Program!

Team Members or Assistants

Are you an assistant or team member entrusted with the responsibility of launching an affiliate program? We've got you covered! The Affiliate Program Launch Course is specifically designed to empower anyone to excel in launching successful affiliate programs.

With this course, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the affiliate marketing landscape with confidence. Learn the proven systems, tricks, and techniques that will ensure your success.

Marketing Managers

You're in charge of driving online Revenue for the business but you don't have enough experience launching and running Affiliate Programs?

Look no further! Sharpen your skills and learn how to add a significant chunk of Revenue to your Marketing Channel mix. The great thing about Affiliate marketing is that you can use many of your existing Skills from other Marketing channels, while I Show you the particularities and industry best practices of Affiliate Marketing. I promise it'll make you look good.

Who is this Group Course not for?

There are a few things you need to know before you decide to join the group Course. This program is not for everyone.

Don't join the program if:

  • You're not ready or don't have time to invest throughout the duration of the Group Course. You'll need a few hours a week to join the weekly live call or watch the recording, follow every step, if you have questions or doubts.
  • Your website isn't live
  • You don't have a checkout on your own website
  • Your website has never had a sale through the checkout
  • If you sell mainly offline 
  • You have not tested any other marketing channels on your current website design, user journey or with your current pricing
  • If you think Affiliate programs don't cost anything (they do - usually there is a monthly fee for software or a network)

Time is precious when you're trying to do everything to run and grow an online business, so i've developed a Step-by-step system that you can follow easily and efficiently. If you're a business owner you can participate in the course, or you can choose to have YOUR MARKETING manager OR ASSISTANT join instead. 

What may be going through your mind

I Don't know enough about Affiliate Marketing 

Is it even right for your business?

I understand you're putting it off because it seems too complicated, or you're not sure if your business is suitable for an Affiliate Program. I offer a FREE assessment at the bottom of the page that you can schedule instantly. In this time I can quickly assess if your business is ready or not, and of course, I can answer any questions you may have about Affiliate Marketing and how it works. You can also do the Quiz on this page - it'll instantly give you an honest answer about if your Business is ready for Affiliate Marketing or not, just by answering 5 simple questions.

I tried Affiliate Marketing and it didn't work

But is it set up for success?

You're not alone. When I am asked to step in and audit Affiliate Programs for clients I always see common mistakes were made even before it was launched. 

They often didn't have the budget for an expensive Consultant, experienced employee, or resources to set it up correctly or they thought they could figure it out themselves. Or they simply didn't understand the dynamics of Affiliate marketing. 

I don't have Budget to hire an expert at the moment

What if you could get the Expert without the price tag?

The Truth is, I AM an expensive Consultant. I have done this work successfully for well over a decade for Companies and Clients from all over the globe. And I continue to do so. But I also love supporting online businesses who don't want or need the 1-1 support. I want to live in a world where not just huge corporate companies can be successful. So the way I am able to do this is by creating this Group Course. You get all my expertise, without paying full price for 1-1 consulting.

I am already working so hard, I don't have time

I need an efficient step-by-step system, do you provide that?

YES I DO! I get it, there are a million things going on in your business and you have not gotten to it. With the Group course, you'll get the most efficient set-by-step guidance from me so you don't have to spend endless hours researching, fixing and figuring out what's wrong. The added benefit of joining a group of peers on a weekly basis to finally get the accountability you needed to launch your Affiliate Program. Also, it's designed to get you results soon after you implement the learnings so the course will pay for itself in no time and you'll finally add another revenue stream to your business.

But if you really really don't have the time, you can either assign whoever is responsible for Marketing in your business, or there's another option. You can hire or assign an assistant who can dedicate 5-10 hours a week (depending on how efficiently they work) to grow your Affiliate revenue. Their skillset should include being reasonably tech savvy (normal office use of computer tools) and they should be good at creating relationships and win-win partnerships with people (your affiliates),

What is included in the course

I have taken my own Experience, Processes and Templates and created 6 digestible Modules. I'm showing you how I would launch your Affiliate Program if would you pay me my normal price. But for this group course, I am the one showing you how to do it, and you're the one executing. Together as a group, we exchange questions, experiences and our wins.

A Weekly Live group video call, Asana Board & Templates 

On a weekly basis, we have a 1.5H live video call with the group. I teach you and show you every next step of launching and running your affiliate program and you'll have time to execute them in the week that follows.

An optional, Weekly live group Q&A call   

In this extra weekly Q&A call, you can ask any questions you may have. Perhaps you're stuck or you want to show me something You can tune in if you need it, if you don't - feel free to skip it. 

A community to learn from   

If you want to ask question in our closed community group, or share your wins, I'm here to support you.

Group Program

What you'll have by the end of the Group Course

  • An Affiliate Program that's set up for success
    One that affiliates are interested in, that was set up by you and that you understand
  • You know how to run and grow your Affiliate Program
    I'm not holding back on any information that can get you to scale your Affiliate program and start getting revenue through it. 
  • You're now part of a community and continue to connect and learn together
    You are going to continue to be able to be a part of the Affiliate Program Launch Facebook group
  • You can continue to have access to my videos, templates and examples for at least 1 year.
    In case you would like to review anything, or go over it again

The 6 Modules we will cover


General Intro on Affiliate Marketing and Competitor research
  • Get the 101 introduction about Affiliate Marketing to make sure you understand how it works
  • Use the template I provide to gather your information and keep a good overview of your competitors
  • Understand what to look for
  • Learn how to spy on your competitors and get all the info you need
  • Group call
  • Template and Asana Board
  • Follow up Q&A Call if needed
  • Community group for questions


Prepping our Affiliate Tracking Software or Network
  • You're buying your Affiliate Tracking Software or Network
  • We're going to set everything up in the tracking system
  • Make important decisions about what your Affiliate Program will look like
  • Group call
  • Template and Asana Board
  • Follow up Q&A Call if needed
  • Community group for questions


Preparing for launch
  • We're going to prepare any assets that your Affiliates are going to need 
  • We're going to create the information Pages for the Affiliates 
  • Learn how I increase deliverability of my outreach emails to prepare for Module 5
  • Group call
  • Template and Asana Board
  • Follow up Q&A Call if needed
  • Community group for questions


Finding our first Affiliates
  • Learn how to find Affiliates for your Program
  • Learn how I get the contact details of the Affiliates you find
  • Get my secret tips on how I grow Affiliate programs 10x faster than my peers
  • Group call
  • Template and Asana Board
  • Follow up Q&A Call if needed
  • Community group for questions


Launch and Reach out
  • We're Launching your Affiliate program!
  • We are going to reach out to our first recruitment list with our outreach tool 
  • We're going to let your customer and prospect base know about the launch
  • Group call
  • Template and Asana Board
  • Follow up Q&A Call if needed
  • Community group for questions


How to run and grow your program
  • How to Activate Affiliates 
  • How to optimize the ones who are already active
  • How to keep your Program clean and healthy 
  • Group call
  • Template and Asana Board
  • Follow up Q&A Call if needed
  • Community group for questions

What does it cost?

I'll be fully transparent with you. When I offer my Consulting services to help my clients Launch and Run their Affiliate Programs, I currently charge 7000EUR. While I generate much more revenue that what I cost for my clients, this is definitely worth it for them. However, I understand that this is a lot for some online businesses. 

You'll get all of my expertise and guidance without breaking the bank. All the templates and examples that I use in my own consulting business. I'll teach you everything I learned from multi-million dollar businesses.

Payment plans are available! Please contact me on





Affiliate Program Group Course

- Includes a weekly video group call 

- Includes a weekly group Q&A call

- Includes templates, asana boards, and examples

- Access to a closed community Chat Group

- A bunch of surprizes to unlock!

The next Cohort isn't announced yet! Join the waitlist here to be the first to know when the next one is announced

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 15-Days


If you joined the group calls and executed the steps and for any reason, you don't like the Affiliate Program Group Course I created, you can get a full refund anytime within 15 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with me and I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Every week I give away 1*

FREE 30-minute 1-1 Assessments

On a live call with me, I learn about your business, your site, product, or service and give my assessment of if your business is ready to have its own Affiliate Program
I can tell you a bit more about how Affiliate Marketing works or you can ask me other questions you may have.

*If the Booking button doesn't give you time slots, it means someone already claimed the free call this week. Email me to already claim your FREE call a few weeks ahead.

Frequently asked questions

Is this Program fully online?

Yes it is. It's a combination of 6 Live Video Call lessons, 6 Live Group Video Q&A Calls, a Private Facebook Community Group, Personal Asana Boards and Online Templates. You'll also be able to book a 30 minute free 1-1 call with me if you need extra help or feedback.

How much time do I need to invest in the Launch of the Affiliate program?

To watch the weekly video, attend the weekly live Video call and execute the weekly tasks, you will need an estimate of 5-10 hours a week for the duration of the 6 weeks. When your affiliate program is live, I advise to spend a minimum of 5 hours a week on it to run and grow it.

What if I'm not ready to launch the affiliate program?

Take the quiz and find out! It takes less than a minute and it'll give you the honest answer. Make sure you apply anyway, this way we can figure out what's best for you and how you can prepare to get ready. When I relaunch the course at a later stage - you'll be the first to know.

When I launch my affiliate program, can it run by itself?

Unfortunately, if you do that you will barely see results or growth. An affiliate Program needs someone to help affiliates, pay them on time, Police them and of course recruit new affiliates.

In the last module, I will explain how you can maintain and grow your Affiliate Program.

I'm not sure if this course is for me, should I still Join?

Get in touch to discuss via email or call if this program is suitable for your business. If it isn't, I will never tell you to buy the course.

Hang on Rosanna, I just want to hire you to launch and run my Affiliate Program, is that possible?

Of course it is. Just head over to or email me on for a quote.